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3 in 1 Murphy Beds

90% of homes would benefit from space optimization.

The most effective space optimization is adding  3 in 1 Murphy Beds Sofa to a room. Now you’ve got a dual purpose room or two rooms in one with minimum investments. This is the easiest way of adding an extra living space to your property. As a manufacturer with a direct pricing we are committed to making our 3 in 1 Murphy Bed Sofa more affordable, more practical, more reliable, safer and more comfortable  then any other on the market. Here’s a detailed description of the features and benefits of our innovative piece of furniture.

As our registered Trade Mark 3 in 1 implies the wall bed consists of: Bed + Sofa + Lift Up Coffee Table. The Infinity sign refers to the infinite finishing options we offer to our clients.

We have designed a revolutionary super strong and reliable rotating mechanism which is equipped  with industrial type self-aligning bearings.

We are so confident in the quality of the rotating mechanism that it comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Our unique design offers Maximum Safety – once lifted the bed will stay closed even if both gas struts are removed. This also allows to easily and securely replace a gas strut if needed.

The First Affordable Sofa Wall Bed on the market! Prices start from £1290 for MDF and from £1590 for melamine finish.

We aim to deliver and install within two weeks not two months.

Perfect for space optimisation. 3 in 1 Murphy Bed Sofa transforms a room into a dual function room. You can switch from living to bedroom in a matter of seconds.

The storage capacity of 3 in 1 Murphy Beds: sofa storage ~180 litres, an internal storage ~ 50 litres,a coffee table storage ~ 130 litres, Top storage ~ 200 litres,

A “MUST HAVE” for every Studio Flat owner. Increases enormously the living space, property value and its letting potencial.

The under mattress frame is made of 1 1/2 inch square metal tube 14 gauge which strength exceeds all the existing models on the market. Our metal frame is concealed so the bed does not have that “hospital” appeal the other models have.

In all our beds we use 16 layer-glued slats which adjust to your body weight and increase the suppleness of the mattress. 25 year guarantee.

The plywood slats create an air gap which allows for the proper ventilation of the mattress. This is essential especially in humid climat as UK’s.

The flexible slats and up to 10″ thick mattress offer extra sleep comfort which is far better than most of the standard beds offer.

Every 3 in 1 Murphy Bed we build is made after the client chooses boards and upholstery finishes from all the available options on the market. in contrast, other producers/importers offer very limited choice of finishes.

We offer 300+ melamine finishes: Gloss, Matt, Satin, Wood texture, Fabric texture and many more

We offer a wide range of fabric and faux leather upholstery. Plus any upholstery material that is on the market. Plus any material suppled by the client.

All of our 3 in 1 Murphy Bed Sofas are Made in the UK. No expensive transport from China. So we can customise and deliver your bed in two weeks, not in two months.

To protect our invention we have applied for a patent before the Intelectual Property Office and now our patent is pending.

All of our installations are FREE and performed by our team of experienced craftsmen.

We are based in London and all the deliveries within M25 are FREE.

3 in 1 Murphy Bed Sofas are desgned for regular everyday use – domestic and commercial (hotels, hostels, rented properties etc.)

Various configurations and add-ons to suite your space requirements: armrests (standard or narrow), with or without storage, fixed or removable. Top storage. Extra matching units. Ottomans etc.

The Sofa Wall Bed can be installed as free standing unit, without wall fixings.

Our design incorporates a FREE Lift up Coffee Table as a strongest bed support.

The sofa seat has a composite structure combining two different density foams and dacron batting for better comfort and extended upholstery life. Specially designed to be low maintenance.

We use 2mm edging tape (not 0.8 or 1mm the other use) on the exposed ends of melamine boards for the best chip and hit resistance.

No mechanism next to your head. Our mechanism supports the opened bed from underneath

Please contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE. Evening appointments available.

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